Beltex was founded by Mr. Santiago E. Ingratta in 1948 as a textile and its first looms manufactures fashion products and knitted accessories.Later, the factory was furnished with new machinery, wich increased its production. New products, like scarves, were manufactured.
Exclusive products lines were made under license for every important International trademarks and they have proved to be very successful.
Since 1980 Beltex broaden its production. It began to manufacture according to the regulations of the FAA, textile products for the comfort of airline´s passengers, such a: Travel rugs, fireproof cloth for airplane seats and headrests.
The design, development and production of travel rugs manufactured by Beltex were favorably welcomed by the International market and the company became supplier of important Airlines like: RIO SUL, PLUNA, VARIG, NORDESTE, TAM, TRANSBRASIL, LLOYD AÉREO BOLIVIANO, LAPA, DINAR, AEROMAR, AVIACSA, AEROLÍNEAS ARGENTINAS & AEROLÍNEAS DEL SUR.
All the Beltex models comply with the FAA standard N¬25853b. They are made of 100% fireproof acrylic fiber oro f Patagonian wool and they all incluye the logos wheter printed or embroidered.